Become a Partner in Independence

Support the Endependence Center (ECI) to continue its important work by committing to support Independent Living each month. Just $100 per month or whatever you can afford will help ensure that the Endependence Center can continue to provide advocacy skills training, resource information and direct independent living services across the region (i.e., Peer Mentoring).

This funding will help offset state and local government cuts to the Endependence Center and ensure that our services remain free and available for anyone with a disability.

As a Partner in Independence you will receive:

  • Recognition in Endependence Center Monthly Newsletter;
  • A link on ECI’s Facebook page; and
  • A link on ECI’s website, and other acknowledgements.

As a person with a disability —

I am independent and make my own decisions.

The Endependence Center’s services were founded on the principles of independent living. This means that each person is the best expert on his or her own life, goals, needs and wants.

When I have a problem, I want to talk to an expert.

A majority of the staff at the Endependence Center are people living successfully with their own disabilities. This real life experience allows us to mentor others. The Center staff provides support to participants who become self-advocates and savvy about solving the problems that come with a disability.

Each year, the Endependence Center provides support and assistance to more than 1,200 people with disabilities.

I stand up for myself.

The Endependence Center organizes advocacy efforts to ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are addressed locally, at the State level and nationally. We mentor people with disabilities with developing skills to organize, advocate and make their voice heard so that they can represent their own needs and make their government and community work for them.

I need a home that is right for me.

The Endependence Center works with builders, local housing officials, planners and individual contractors to advocate for the development of affordable, accessible housing options for people with disabilities.

I can live in my own home, not a nursing facility.

The Endependence Center helps people with disabilities move out of nursing facilities and into real homes with their families and friends nearby. We link people with the supports needed to live successfully and independently in the community.

We also help link people to the supports that help prevent nursing facility admissions in the first place.

I can flourish with a good education.

The Endependence Center provides technical assistance and advocacy to ensure that students with disabilities get the education they need to be successful in school and life.

I can be employed and productive.

The Endependence Center provides people with disabilities resources, information and support to find and keep a real job. We also help these new workers navigate the maze of work and benefits so that they can be effective at work and get the supports they need to be independent.

Yes, I want to be a Partner in Independence!

Download a copy of the Partner in Independence Brochure

or click here for a commitment form and mail to:

Endependence Center, Inc.
Attn: Partners in Independence
6300 E Virginia Beach Blvd
Norfolk, VA, 23502

Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to Endependence Center. Your contribution to the Endependence Center as a non-profit organization is tax deductible as we are a 501(c)(3) organization (EIN 54-1250288). You will receive written acknowledgement for tax purposes.

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Thank you for your commitment to Independent Living!