The process of transitioning from a nursing home to community-based living can be complex and lengthy or it may be easier than commonly expected depending on the needs of the individual. There is a lack of awareness among many individuals living in facilities, their family and the community-at-large that options exist which allow individuals to choose whether to receive their personal care in a facility or in the community in their own homes. ECI is pro-actively addressing the obstacles on institutionalization by providing residents of facilities the informed choice and consumer control to live independently. Teamwork exists within ECI through a process where staff join together to assist persons with a goal to move from a facility to the community with housing options, Medicaid Waiver options, Independent Living Skills Training, and support coordination. ECI networks with other community and state programs to support the person with a disability’s move to the community.

Do you live in a nursing home, group home or training facility and would you like information on other types of housing options?

Nursing Home Outreach Services are designed to provide a participant in a nursing facility or other type of living facility, the four core services:

  • Information and Referral Services;
  • Independent living Skills Training;
  • Peer Counseling; and
  • Individual and Systems Advocacy.

Within those four core services being provided could be information on how to advocate for nursing home rights, assist with discharge planning for community-based living, and information on housing options for community-based living.