Endowment Fund Program

Ways to support this Fund Include:

Cash Contributions

Cash is the easiest and most popular form of gift and offers the donor a tax deduction equal to the full value of the gift.

Life Insurance Policy

You may donate an old policy to this Fund, receiving an immediate tax deduction, usually in the amount equal to policy cash surrender value, or you might choose to name this Fund as a beneficiary to your insurance policy.

Charitable Bequests

A bequest is a gift of property or cash stated in your will that goes to a person or organization at the death of the person making the will. A charitable bequest is completely deductible from the donor’s estate, likely lowering estate taxes owed. This Fund continues your good work in your name permanently, a living symbol of your caring.

Gifts of Personal Property

Through inheritance or investment, donors may have accumulated personal property that can be valuable-yet sometimes costly to insure or sell. This could include art collections, real estate (residential, farm, developed, or undeveloped), antiques, even oil, gas, or mineral rights may be converted into assets to be given to this Fund.

Publicly Traded- Securities

You donate stocks and bond to this Fund and get the maximum allowable tax deduction for their full market value and ECI receive continuing income from the proceeds of the sale of these securities.

Gifts from an Estate or Trust

You as the executor or trustee under a will, have instructions to allocate a certain amount of money to charity. You may establish a Memorial Fund, honoring the deceased and with the approval of the court, if necessary, you may arrange to have the charitable portion of the estate paid to this Fund.

Your Contribution

With 40 years of combined service to their community, the Endependence Center, Inc. and the Hampton Roads Community Foundation are pleased to announce their partnership in providing an opportunity for charitable giving that will assure services to the local disability community continue far into the future.

Your gift will become a part of the principle in a Fund that generates interest to support Independent Living Programs and Services provided by the Endependence Center to persons with disabilities in South Hampton Roads.

For further information or consultation, please contact:

Hampton Roads Community Foundation

101 W Main Street, Suite 4500 Norfolk, VA 23510 (757) 622-7951