Peer Mentoring

This one-to-one mentoring model is based on the belief that a staff Peer Mentor with shared disability related experiences is the best guide to independence.

The Peer Mentor:

Provides motivation and serves as a role model of living independently with a disability;

  • Assists with self-exploration and attainment of goals for independence;
  • Provides information regarding community resources; and
  • Promotes being part of the disability advocacy community speaking up for equal rights and opportunities.

Peer Networking:

Peer network opportunities such as the IL Support Group, Mix and Mingle, and participant led activities provide an opportunity for individuals with disabilities across disability types and age spans to meet together to explore common issues and share strategies for success. The advantages of networking are:

To help build peer support;

  • To provide a setting to discuss disability issues;
  • To share common experiences and knowledge; and
  • To encourage problem solving through individual empowerment.

Independent Living Support Group:

The IL Support Group is open to anyone with a disability. Facilitated by a staff Peer Mentor, the group is a place where participants can talk about adjusting to a disability or dealing with the stereotypes and attitudes of people in the community. Group members can share their own experiences and strategies for dealing with the day-to-day issues of living independently with a disability and can ask for feedback from others on issues that are creating barriers to their independence.

Mix and Mingle:

Monthly there will be an opportunity to get together and meet new friends from our local disability community. Bring cards, music, games, food, and hang out. Meeting space will be open and the activities are up to you.