Staff Members


Staff’s Name Staff’s Title Phone Number
Amadeo San Antonio Finance Director 757-351-1599
Amy Ouellette Youth IL Coordinator 757-351-1597
Barbara Bialowas Accounting Clerk 757-351-1601
Cheryl Simpson Director of Operations 757-351-1575
Emily YoderWilcox Medicaid Coordinator 757-351-1590
Erin King Medicaid Coordinator 757-351-1589
Felicia Brown Medicaid Coordinator 757-351-1596
Frances Durham Community Work Incentives Coordinator 757-351-1594
Gwendolyn Bone Administrative Assistant 757-351-1581
Jacqueline Brown Receptionist 757-461-8007
Jeanette Flanders Employment Coordinator 757-351-1570
Jennifer Beekman Employment Coordinator 757-351-1587
Latoshia Wilson-Nixon Medicaid Coordinator 757-351-1588
Linda Johnson Community Work Incentives Coordinator 757-351-1577
Matthew Ballard Receptionist 757-461-8007
Maureen Hollowell Director of Advocacy and Services 757-351-1584
Nichole Davis Executive Director 757-461-8007
Quincy Wynn Medicaid Coordinator 757-351-1569
Rena Lewis Peer Mentor/I&R Coordinator 757-351-1578
Sarah Bailey Education Coordinator 757-351-1585
Shernika Holley Deaf and Hard of Hearing Outreach Coordinator
757-962-3919 TTY
757-383-9786 VP
Tammy Manno Administrative Assistant 757-351-1586
Travis Webb Peer Mentor 757-351-1574
Vantoria Clay Housing Advocacy Coordinator 757-351-1595