Transition to Adult Living, Learning and Working
ECI is hosting a series of five workshops to provide useful information to youth with disabilities. The focus will be to help students and their parents prepare for life after school and how to be successful in our community. Workshops will be held at ECI, 6300 E Virginia Beach Blvd, Norfolk. Each workshop will be held on a Thursday from 1pm to 3pm.  Topics are:
  • 6/22/17     Planning for Independence
  • 6/29/17     Transition Goals/Services
  • 7/13/17     Housing and Transportation
  • 7/20/17     Social Security Employment Benefits
  • 7/27/17     Medicaid Waivers: New Changes

Summer Internships

The Endependence Center announces an unpaid intern position available over the summer for two students with a disability.

Where:  Endependence Center, Inc., 6300 E Virginia Beach Boulevard in Norfolk

When:  A two week internship in July or August 2017, four hours per day.

See Intern application 2017 for more information.

Duties: Job tasks will mainly consist of various clerical duties such as filing or assisting with mailings, all of which require a certain amount of independence with minor supervision.

Requirements: These internships are for a public school or a local college student from Chesapeake and one for a student from Norfolk.

Compensation:  This is an unpaid position, there is no compensation.

Virginia Dominion EnergyShare 
Virginia Dominion EnergyShare is offering a limited number of  grants to help people with their electric service. If you have already been assisted by Salvation Army in 2017, you are not eligible to apply. (People over 60 can be assisted twice in 2017 by Salvation Army.) Funds would not be paid to the participant, but will only be credited to their Virginia Power account.  It is on a first come first, serve basis after a completed request is submitted by your ECI Coordinator.  Please contact your ECI Coordinator for more information.

Endependence Center Participants must meet all the following criteria:

  • need financial assistance with energy costs;
  • receive SSI or SSDI;
  • have monthly income below $2,200;
  • have electric bill in their name – there  are some exceptions;
  • the electric service must be at the residence where they are living. It does not pay past due amounts at other addresses or very large past due amounts.


Logo-Are You Prepared? with pictures of various types of disasters (i.e., biohazard, flood, tornado, fire, Red Cross, Bicycle)

Hurricane season begins June 1 and goes through November 30. It is important to be prepared.

Why prepare for a Disaster?

Being ready for a hurricane or other disaster is a part of maintaining your independence. You need to prepare to meet your own needs as a person with a disability. Each person with a disability has to develop a Personalized Emergency Plan that can be implement during a disaster for your survival. When developing your Plan, you need to prepare a Supply Kit and develop a Support Network.

Supply Kit or To Go Bag – contains supplies you would most likely need for an evacuation or to shelter-in-place. Be sure to include items specific to your disability. Your kit/bag will need to have in it enough supplies for 3 to 5 days.

Support Network – Establish a personal support network of people who will check with you and assist you when needed (i.e., family, caregiver, friends, neighbors, co-workers).

It is important to know what is happening and what to do through information through the Media and Social Networks (i.e., TV, radio, Twitter, newspaper, and Facebook). You will need to decide whether to go to a shelter or to shelter-in-place. You will need to use your Supply Kit/To Go Bag for either option. ReadyHamptonRoads has links to all of the localities websites and you are encouraged to sign up for their alerts to get updates about emergencies.

For more information, go to www.ReadyHamptonRoads.org or attend our Emergency Preparedness/Basic First Aid Workshop on Thursday, August 3 (1:30 pm – 3:00 pm) at ECI.