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Current Opportunities

Independent Living Coordinator: Youth Focus

The Endependence Center seeks a passionate and dedicated Youth Coordinator to join our team. This position is ideal for individuals who have personal disability experience and are committed to empowering youth with disabilities and fostering an inclusive environment. If you possess a strong understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by youth with disabilities, we encourage you to apply.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Advocating for the education rights of students with disabilities.
  • Assisting youth in identifying and pursuing their personal aspirations.
  • Facilitating their transition from high school by providing guidance and support.
  • Coordinating with the community to offer resources, services, and programs that meet their needs.
  • Delivering the five core independent living services.
  • Promoting community outreach, education, and systems advocacy.

Through these efforts, you will play a crucial role in helping youth with disabilities achieve their full potential and lead independent, fulfilling lives.

Ideal candidates will have:

  • Experience with Disability: Personal or professional experience is needed as we believe individuals with experience in disability bring crucial insights and skills that are indispensable to our mission and goals.
  • Experience Working with Youth: A proven track record. of working with young people with disabilities.
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills: The ability to connect with youth, build trusting relationships, and communicate effectively with individuals of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
  • Strong background in the rights of students with disabilities.
  • Knowledge of community services used by youth with disabilities.
  • Knowledge of decision-making processes used by youth with disabilities.
  • Organizational Abilities: Strong organizational and program management skills to plan, implement, and oversee youth programs and activities.
  • Advocacy and Support Skills: Experience in advocating for the rights and needs of youth with disabilities and providing support to help them achieve their personal and educational goals.
  • Team Collaboration: A collaborative spirit and the ability to work well within a team, including coordinating with other staff members, volunteers, and community partners.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: The ability to address challenges and barriers creatively and effectively, ensuring a supportive and empowering environment for youth.
  • Educational Background: A degree in human service or a related field is preferred, along with relevant certifications or training. However, experience can substitute for some education.


Essential Job Functions:

  • Goal Setting and Planning: Assist participants in exploring, identifying, and establishing personal independent living goals, and help develop individualized action plans to achieve these goals.
  • Documentation and Reporting: Record interactions with participants and document the services provided, ensuring accurate entry of service units into the required data collection system.
  • Life Skills Education: Teach approved life skills-based curriculum to participants.
  • Outreach and Coordination: Collaborate with other organizations and agencies to expand the youth program and increase its reach.
  • Role Modeling: Serve as a positive role model, sharing personal experiences to inspire and guide participants.
  • Family and Provider Coordination: Work with family members and other service providers as needed, based on the participant’s preferences.
  • Meetings and Training: Attend all staff meetings and required trainings to stay informed and up-to-date.
  • Information and Referral Services: Provide necessary information and referral services to participants.
  • Team Collaboration: Work effectively within a team, adhering to the consumer-directed philosophy of services.
  • Community Service: Participate in direct service and community service activities as required by the position and funding source.
  • Additional Duties: Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor.



  • Four-Day Work Week: Enjoy a better work-life balance with a three-day weekend every week, as our full-time staff work within a four-day work week.
  • Comprehensive Health Care Coverage: ECI covers up to 90% of health care benefits, ensuring you are well cared for. 
  • Generous Paid Time Off: Start earning paid time off from day one, with full-time staff accruing 7.5 hours per two-week pay period.
  • Paid Holidays: Benefit from 13 paid holidays each year
  • Salary: The position offers a salary of $34,445 annually.


Who should apply:

If you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of youth with disabilities and are ready to contribute to a dynamic and supportive team, we want to hear from you. Join us at the Endependence Center and help shape a brighter future for the youth in our community. A resume and cover letter are required.

Please submit a Resume and Cover Letter to:

Tammy Manno

6300 East Virginia Beach Blvd

Norfolk VA 23502

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