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ECI Employment Network

Overcome Barriers and Get Hired

Finding opportunities in the job market is daunting enough for many able-bodied people with skills that could possibly qualify them for employment. We are aware of how doubly challenging this is for persons with disabilities.

Highlight Marketable Skills

Just like everybody else with marketable skill sets, people with disabilities also need to be made aware of the value of knowing how to write a compelling resume. Know what makes human resource managers take note and call you up for a job interview.

Express Yourself Strategically

Learn how to articulate your professional strengths. Allow us to show you the right way of communicating competence verbally during job interviews.

Dress the Part Well

Your level of awareness pertaining to official dress codes matters to the overall impression you create when applying for a job. Let us teach you how to dress up in ways that show you mean business.

The Client-Centric Approach

As an active participant in the process, you are the leader and prime decision-maker. Everything we decide on together will always take into primary consideration your very own job-hunting goals.

Employment Support at ECI

Aware of this reality, ECI’s Employment Network in Norfolk, Virginia moves to even up the odds. We provide employment support to persons with disabilities via the Ticket to Work program. This way, access to job opportunities with better prospects for career advancement become easily available to persons with disabilities.

How to Get Started

Complete our secure online questionnaire click here and you will be contacted within ten business days to learn more about the program and to invite you to an orientation session on the Ticket to Work program.

Completion of the questionnaire does not constitute acceptance of your ticket to work by the Endependence Center.

For further information, contact one of our Employment Coordinators

Maureen Chappell – 757-351-1587 –

ECI has a contract with the Social Security Administration to provide Ticket to Work services.

Ask for Assistance

Work closely with us. As your Ticket to Work support provider, we’ll help you write your resume, prepare for interviews, and offer you valuable advice. To ask for assistance, call or email us.

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