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Ensure Financial Security for Adults with Disabilities

When you think of retirement, you may think of the distant future, nowhere near today.  But old age occurs faster than we expect, and it’s important to be financially prepared for your needs.  If you are affected by disabilities, then you have an ever greater need to begin financial planning, as you may already be able to anticipate your care needs as you age.  It is never too soon or too late to begin planning and saving, so let’s discuss your options.

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Start Financial Planning ASAP

It’s important to begin planning now for your future, especially if you anticipate having specific care needs later.  According to CNBC, the earlier you can start saving, the better.  People often underestimate the amount they will need in retirement, so you may want to utilize a retirement calculator to help estimate your needs.  Set aside as much as you can and invest it wisely to ensure that you will have the best care available to you when you need it most.

Receiving Federal Financial Assistance

Anyone affected by disabilities qualifies for financial federal assistance through several programs.  The Social Security Administration offers Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income to families affected by disability.  There are some stipulations and requirements, so be sure to reach out to a specialist to understand if and how you qualify.  You may also qualify early for Medicaid or Medicare to help pay for your health expenses.  Research now to find out which will benefit you the most so that you are prepared down the road when you need the help.

Invest in Final Expense Insurance

Another type of insurance that you will want to invest in is burial insurance.  Purchasing burial insurance will help protect the finances of your loved ones by covering your funeral expenses and other outstanding bills you may leave behind.  It may seem morbid to consider your death at a younger age, but it’s an important part of planning and takes the burden off of your loved ones.  Be sure to also have a conversation with your family to let them know your end-of-life wishes.  It’s never too soon to have that conversation because you never really know what curveball life will throw your way.  Planning now will alleviate the burden of decision-making, allowing your loved ones to focus on navigating your loss.

Make a Plan for Care

In addition to having a conversation with your family regarding your end-of-life wishes, be sure to properly document everything as well.  There is more than just a will that you can draw up to protect your finances, estate, and care wishes.  Forbes highlights the importance of medical documents like Advanced Directives and Physicians Orders For Life Sustaining Treatments to make clear what treatments you want administered.  It’s also important to assign a Power of Attorney that you trust to make the proper decisions for both your medical care and your finances.  Hopefully, at this point you have money saved up and quality insurance to cover your needs, but it is helpful to have someone to act and sign on your behalf if necessary.

Thinking about the end of your life and planning out potential needs may seem off-putting or in the distant future.  But don’t procrastinate or put it off until you are older.  Having a solid plan in place with sufficient finances and insurance will help you get the best care possible.  It also takes the responsibility off your loved ones to help finance your care or make big decisions.  Plan your future now.

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