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Here are some useful tips for downloading and use the HRT-VIA Paratransit APP

  • The app is located in the iPhone and Android app stores. Find it by searching “HRT Paratransit”
  • Logging in on the APP – It is the same login as the Web portal.
    • HRT ID and a password – you can click to retrieve your password if you need help.
    • Retrieve Password – a new password will be texted to you. If you need help call VIA or ECI
  • Once logged in, check your account information by clicking on the white arrow next to your name and phone number
  • On the APP you can book rides either reoccurring or one time
  • View, edit, or cancel rides
  • Track the real-time location of your driver
  • Update the payment method

Click here if you would like to view the PowerPoint used during VIA’s presentation on the APP.  Remember you can go to for any questions or call them at (757) 455-8010. 

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