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Social Security and Continuing Disability Reviews

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is committed to streamlining processes and offering additional online services for adult beneficiaries who do not have a representative payee. You can now complete the medical Continuing Disability Review Report (Form SSA-454) using your personal my Social Security account.

Social Security regulations require that they periodically review the current medical condition of all people receiving disability benefits to determine if they continue to have a qualifying disability.  Details about the Continuing Disability Review process can be found at

SSA sends requests for updated disability reports by mail.  Eligible beneficiaries now have the option to either return the report by mail or complete the forms using their personal my Social Security account.  If eligible, the person can log in to their account and complete the Continuing Disability Review Report (Form SSA-454) andAuthorization to Disclose to Information to the Social Security Administration (Form SSA-827).  Once submitted, they will receive an email confirmation.

SSA developed this option to make it easier for your clients to submit their medical Continuing Disability Review Report.

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