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Collecting Info about Experiences Reserving Hotel Rooms

Ever frustrated because a hotel website doesn’t provide enough – or any – information to reserve the accessible room you need?
Tired of having to call and get the run-around just to find out which room has the right accessibility features?
How about that time you showed up, and they’d given away the accessible room or turned out not to have one after all?

DREDF wants to hear about your experiences! The Supreme Court is hearing a case about whether a person who investigates hotel websites – sometimes called a “tester” – should be allowed to sue when the website does not include required information about accessible rooms and accommodations. Testers are an extremely important way for the disability community to enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

DREDF is writing a brief to the Court; they would like to include as many stories as possible about the realities of traveling while disabled — specifically, how hard it is to make hotel reservations and secure a room with accessibility features because of a lack of information about accessible features on websites.

You can help DREDF inform the Court by sharing your experiences traveling while disabled. Complete the form ( with as much information as you can before June 30.

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