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Preparing a Resume that will Help You Stand Out: Choosing the Best Format for You!

Resume Types

  • Chronological (best if you have no employment gaps).
  • Functional (advertises skills, best if you have little work history).
  • Combination (great if you have related job skills and employment history with gaps).

Also, Instead of writing an objective statement (what you are looking
for), write a branding statement (what you can offer). It should be 3-4 sentences.

Seven Interview Tips

  1.  Prepare! The more you prepare, the more
    confidence you’ll have.
  2. Visualize the Interview Going Well!
  3.  Take a Practice Trip to the Location.
  4. Practice Answering Questions with
  5.  Eat Lightly Before. A nutritious snack or
    meal before your interview will likely
    give you the energy to be alert and feel
    your best.
  6. Wear Comfortable, Professional Clothes.
  7. Remember You’re Interviewing Them
    Too. You are not the only person in the
    “hot seat”.

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